Kim Han Sol

My name is Daniel. I was an English teacher in Seoul, South Korea, and am now a writer who has
published four books including South Korea: Our Story by Daniel Nardini, The Day China Cried by
Daniel Nardini, My Taiwan, Seoul and Guadalajara (Mexico) Memoirs by Daniel Nardini, and
My Italian American Family, Rural Taiwan and Lawndale News Memoirs by Daniel Nardini.
                     For those foolish South Koreans and those on the South Korean left who think
that somehow the Kim dynasty in North Korea is benevolent and only wants “peace,” they had
better ask Kim Han Sol about that. Kim Han Sol, the son of murdered Kim Jong Nam is in hiding
and justifiably afraid for his life. It is only too clear that his uncle Kim Jong-un would be more
than happy to kill him. We know this is the case because the Chinese government successfully
stopped an assassination attempt against Kim Han Sol by North Korean agents. There is no
question that this time the Chinese Communist Party will do all it can to keep Kim Han Sol alive
in case they ever need him if Kim Fatty the Third dies. Even with better relations between China and
North Korea, this does not mean that Kim Han Sol is “safe.” In truth, he will never be safe. As
in any ruling house, anyone seen as a potential threat by those in power are to be eliminated. 
This has long been true of Korea’s ruling houses and it is very true of North Korea. There is no
one chosen by the people in North Korea, and Kim Han Sol is a man marked for life. North
Korea is a one man, one party state where there is absolutely no freedom, no human rights, 
and no protection from those who rule the country. Is this a country that South Korea or anyone
else should trust?