One Reminder: Never visit North Korea

My name is Daniel. I was an English teacher in Seoul, South Korea, and am a writer who has
published four books including South Korea: Our Story by Daniel Nardini; The Day China Cried
by Daniel Nardini; My Taiwan, Seoul and Guadalajara (Mexico) Memoirs by Daniel Nardini; and
My Italian American Family, Rural Taiwan and Lawndale News Memoirs by Daniel Nardini.
                          People may not remember, but we have to remember the case of a South
Korean woman named Park Wang-ja who was shot dea by a North Korean guard for entering a
so-called “security zone.” Like everything else, the North Korean government has never given a
full or true explanation of what happened and as in the case of Otto Warmbier never will. And
so the next question has to be asked whether visiting North Korea is a good idea at all??!! In my 
view the answer is “no” for three reasons. First, it provides money to a regime that threatens not
only its own people but the world. Second, it gives no guarantees of protection for those who go
there. Finally, anyone who goes there can be in serious danger for whatever reason. The current
South Korean administration seems to be encouraging people in South Korea to go to North
Korea despite what happened to Park Wang-ja, in spite of the sanctions, and in spite of the
fact that so many thousands of South Koreans remain missing since the Korean War. Now that
we find that North Korea has again lied and is building missile bases with missiles that hold
chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, if anything happens it would be almost suicide to go
to North Korea. As a reminder, never go to North Korea!