Rise of the Korean Left in America

My name is Daniel. I was an English teacher in Seoul, South Korea, and now I am a writer who has
published three books including South Korea: Our Story by Daniel Nardini.
                          One thing I have noticed is that the Korean political left is no longer just contained in
South Korea. They have long since come to the shores of the United States. Once upon a time almost all
Koreans from South Korea were pro-American, pro-democracy and traditionally conservative. Koreans in
America had and still have their own social and political organizations that have been and still in many
ways remain pro-American and strongly capitalist. This has changed. Within the past 25 years, with the rise
of the political left in South Korea, left wing organizations and associations have come about in the United
States as well. These left wing organizations are not only anti-U.S., but actually provide economic support
to North Korea and also sponsor trips and contact with North Korea. They do this to build up their 
membership in the United States and influence the political climate back in South Korea. Another thing I have
noticed is that the Korean left is aligning itself with American political left groups to help boost their 
influence in the Korean American communities in the United States. Like everything else, it depends on
where anyone is in the United States. Since there are many Korean immigrants and Korean Americans
living in California, then this is where a lot of left wing Korean groups are in order to have most effect.
And since California is the state where the majority of American left wing groups are located then this is
where their most powerful base is (another is New York state as well as New Jersey and there is a strong
Korean left wing presence in the state of Minnesota). While the majority of Korean American and Korean
immigrant organizations are solidly pro-American and capitalist, the fact that the Korean political left has
made inroads into the United States bears serious watching.